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Andrew Blincow- Catchment Officer (Test & Itchen Catchment Partnership)

Andy has a BSc in Environmental Science and a masters degree in Biodiversity and Conservation. He has over five years experience as an ecological consultant, primarily focusing upon water environment projects for public and private sector clients. Andy's interests range from fisheries management to the survey and mitigation of protected and invasive species. In addition, he also has experience in project management, engagement with stakeholders and the public, and provision of ecological training courses. He has also worked on a number of EU funded LIFE projects, including catchment-wide diffuse pollution investigations and Freshwater Pearl Mussel habitat appraisal.  Andy has particular interest in the study and management of native and non-native crayfish species, and is never happier than when out on a river. 

Lee Bush- Administrator

Having graduated from London University in 1993 with a BA Hons, Lee worked in the fast-moving media industry, based in London. In 1997 Lee moved to Manhattan, New York with her husband Andy. They subsequently returned to the UK in 2002. Having taken a career break to focus on and raise their three girls, Lee now uses her communication and organisational skills to help WCSRT across all key areas of administration.

Dr Paul José- Director

Paul joined the trust from Huntingdonshire District Council where he was head of Environmental Management. He has extensive knowledge of the environmental issues that face our rivers and wetlands today, having worked for the Environment Agency leading on biodiversity and fisheries in East Anglia, the RSPB as lead advisor for UK and European wetlands, Anglian Water, English Nature and in the Ministry for Fisheries and Food. Paul has written a number of books on environment management including several UK and European river, wetland and habitat management guides. He has also led many major EU funded LIFE projects and been involved in a range of conservation, water resource and flood defence related projects in the UK and globally. Paul is a keen angler and is looking forward to catching his first Test & Itchen trout as well as barbel, chub and pike on the Avon.

Vee Moore- Education Officer

Vee is a freshwater conservationist with a passion for citizen science, school and community education. She has experience as a project officer with the Arun and Rother Rivers Trust where she led educational activity, projects and training on water related work. She was formerly water policy officer with RSPB and has a masters degree in Environmental Management (Water Resources). Additionally qualified in photography and journalism, Vee brings a portfolio of skills and competencies to the role of Education Officer.

Liam Reynolds- Catchment Officer (Hampshire Avon Catchment Partnership)

Liam has a BSc in Environmental and Countryside Management and just finished a masters degree in Aquatic Sciences. Liam was Catchment Officer for the Norfolk Rivers Trust and has experience in stakeholder engagement, project management and delivery. He has particular interests in salmonids, coarse fish and eels as well as water quality and soils. He has a range of habitat management experience and is a keen angler.

Ses Wright- Project Manager

Ses was a senior researcher at the University of East Anglia and former deputy director of MSc courses in Environmental Impact Assessment and Environment Management/ Auditing. She works on a part-time basis for both the Arun and Rother Rivers Trust and Wessex Chalk Stream and Rivers Trust. An experienced project manager, she leads delivery of river habitat, fish passage and a range of river enhancement projects.

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