Non Native Invasive Species on the Hampshire Avon 
The Hampshire Avon Non Native Invasive Species (HANNIS) Forum aims to communicate the problem of non-native invasive species on the Hampshire Avon river catchment, and to support best-practice for their control and eradication, for the benefit of native wildlife.

Latest News

  • The annual HANNIS stakeholder meeting will be held on Friday the 17th April at Wiltshire Wildlife Trust Langford Lakes facility.
  • For all your news on all new Non Native threats please visit the GB Non-Native Species Secretariat website here.
  • The minutes from the December 2014 HANNIS forum meeting can be found here.

Hampshire Avon Non Native Invasive Plant Strategy

This document has been written by the Hampshire Avon Non Native Invasive Species Forum to provide information, guidance and support for people either interested in or directly tackling the problem of non native invasive plants on the Hampshire Avon, yet the principles can be applied to any other river catchment. It outlines the aims and objectives of dealing with non native invasive plants, gives background information on the problem and provides a context for the issue on Hampshire Avon, outlining past efforts and existing work, support mechanisms, roles and responsibilities. The Strategy can be downloaded below by clicking on the image. 


Hampshire Avon Non Native Invasive Species Forum

The Hampshire Avon Non-Native Invasive Species Forum is a group that aims to communicate the problem of non-native invasive species in the Hampshire Avon river catchment, and support best-practice control and eradication for the benefit of native wildlife. The Terms of reference for the group can be downloaded below by clicking on the image below. The latest minutes from the forum can be downloaded from the latest news section of the web page.

Current Actions on Non Native Invasive Species

Source to Sea is a partnership of the Environment Agency, Natural England, Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust and Dorset Wildlife Trust.
With volunteers, landowners and angling clubs, we work along the river removing invasive non-native plants from the entire 350km length of the Hampshire Avon. We target plants such as Himalayan balsam, Japanese knotweed, Giant hogweed, Water fern and Creeping water primrose. We also keep an eye out for new arrivals.
The project covers the whole of the River Avon catchment from its headwaters in the Vale of Pewsey, down through Salisbury into Hampshire, to the sea at Christchurch.
To find more out about the Source to Sea project and how you can get involved visit their website here

Play your part in helping stop the spread of Non Native Invasive Species by following the Check Clean Dry Guidance here


Useful Contacts

To find out more about the HANNIS forum please contact a representative on the group (see terms of reference)

For invasive species identification:
Check, Clean, Dry campaign :

CABI: Biological control of invasive plant species:
Puccinea control of Himalayan balsam:
Psyllid control of Japanese knotweed:
Weevil control of Azolla water fern:
CABI research detailing the economic cost to GB dealing with non-native species:
The relevant supporting NNIS legislation:
The EA’s guide to managing invasive non-native plants, including Himalayan balsam, Parrot’s feather, creeping water primrose, giant hogweed and Australian swamp stonecrop:
Using a herbicide next to a watercourse:
Guidance Notes:
Application form:


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