***Job Vacancy: Test and Itchen Catchment Officer ***

Wessex Chalk Stream and Rivers Trust has an exciting opportunity for someone who has experience in at least three of the four following areas: 1) Catchment Management and Water Quality; 2) River Restoration or Management; 3) Wetland Management; and 4) River or Fish Ecology. Forfurthr e details about the role and how to apply for the post of Test and Itchen Catchment Officer, please click here.
Welcome to the Wessex Chalk Stream and Rivers Trust
The Wessex Chalk Stream and Rivers Trust is a charity dedicated to the guardianship, protection, enhancement and maintenance of healthy, functioning ecosystems within the river catchments and corridors of the Wessex region. Our vision is of healthy rivers within the Wessex region which are valued and nurtured by the community and which exhibit:
  • High water quality and sustained natural flows
  • Sustainable and naturally abundant wildlife
  • Fully functioning ecosystems which link the rivers with their valleys
  • Resilience to climate change and future stresses associated with social and economic development
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